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  • Overview

    The name of this simple and chic retreat, Don Enrique, has been dedicated to the memory of Enrique Daniel Castaing, a man full of dreams and a great passion. Enrique was a dreamer and that is how those who were part of his life are going to remember him. One of his biggest desires was to open his own inn and run it with his family. Today, that family, his children, want to pay this small tribute to his dreams and memory.

    Guests are welcomed so warmly here by the owners, you almost have the feeling that you already know them. The house has been designed as a common area, and it is decorated in a simple, rustic way with lots of sofas, hammocks and pillows to get comfortable and rest. Without any exception, all fruit and vegetables that are eaten here are grown in the vegetable garden - the colours and flavours are the truest you will find.


    Walk through the jungle, take in the stunning scenery that surrounds Don Enrique; waterfalls, rivers and the local wildlife that goes with it. The fire is lit outside in the evenings where it is amazing just to sit and watch the huge sky full of stars - breathtaking.


    The food is made from local fresh ingredients - full of colour and intense, mouth-watering flavours. The menu combines flavours from the Mediterranean and local specialities. Dinner always starts early with some drinks and lasts until late in the night with talks around a warm cup of coffee or tea.

  • Facilities
    • child friendly

    • gardens

    • restaurant

    24-hour front-desk
  • Location

    Paraje la Bonita/ Saltos del Moconá, El Soberbio, Missiones 3364, Argentina

    How to get there?

    The only way to get to the lodge is by 4WD vehicles. Don Enrique Lodge is located in the eastern-centre of Misiones province, 15 miles west of Moconá Waterfalls. It is 174 miles from Posadas and 180 miles from Iguazú. By car or 4WD: For those who travel by car or 4WD vehicles, route 14 is the road to Provincia de Misiones. It is about 750 miles from Buenos Aires. From El Soberbio to Don Enrique it is about 25 miles. The road is paved for the first 10 miles. The following 10 miles, up to Colonia La Flor, are on a rough track though usually accessible for any kind of vehicle. Vehicles can be left in a safe and guarded place in Colonia La Flor, where you will be picked up by one of our trucks (consult cost of transfer). The last 5 miles are only suitable for four wheel drive vehicles, since it is a cliff road and when wet 2WD vehicles can prove unsuitable. The road is in good condition and suitable for any 4WD vehicle. No off-road experience required. Any 4WD vehicle can get you to the lodge.

    Nearest airport

    Iguazú: 290 km Posadas: 280 km

  • Rooms
    Need help? Speak to our Reservations Team on +44 203 397 0085 or email us
    Opening Hours 09.00 - 18.00 Monday - Friday (UK time)

    The 3 rooms at Don Enrique have a warm inviting atmosphere, always with nice music, a game or a good book. The vitality and freshness of the forest works it way through the windows of the house and of the cabins. All of them are right next to the river allowing the rippling of the water to be heard. Each cabin has hammocks on the porch and there is a deck a few metres away from the clear, soft waters.

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Need help? Speak to our Reservations Team on +44 203 397 0085 or email us
Opening Hours 09.00 - 18.00 Monday - Friday (UK time)