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Boutique hotels in Dubrovnik (1)

This Adriatic gem is one of the great undiscovered treasures of Europe. Once an incredibly important medieval trading port, this Croatian city is now a popular destination for travelers who enjoy sun, culture and a relaxed pace of life. Dubrovnik is also known for its imposing walls that may seem familiar to fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ - they double as King’s Landing in the series!

Where to go
Walk the walls of Dubrovnik. Take a tour of ‘King’s Landing’ and other ‘Game of Thrones’ shooting locations. Visit the island of Lokrum with its beautiful gardens and medieval monastery. Walk down the main the street, Stradun and do some boutique shopping. Admire the baroque majesty of St Blaise’s church and the gothic Dubrovnik cathedral. Marvel at the 14th century Rector’s palace. Visit the offshore islands with their quaint medieval villages. Soak up some of that bright, golden, adriatic sun. 

Food & Drink
Croatian cuisine uses the grill as a central element. Pork sausages, beef and chicken feature heavily, and are often accompanied by soups, goulash and pasta as sides. In terms of drink, you will find a lot of Croatian wine on offer in Dubrovnik. The north of the country is known for its sweet dessert wines, while the south produces full-bodied reds - if travelling outside the city, it pays to keep an eye open for cellar door tasting and vineyard tours. In town, we recommend Proto (Široka 1) for excellent seafood and a romantic atmosphere. For more contemporary dining in a stylish minimalist environment, Orsan (Ul. Ivana pl. Zajca 4) is the place for you.

As an upcoming tourist destination, Dubrovnik has a lively nightlife scene that really takes off during the high season during the summer months. For something a little more sophisticated than pubs and beer barns, we recommend Buža (Crijevićeva ul. 9) for its astounding view and fun spirit, whereas the shabby chic Art Caffe (Branitelja Dubrovnika 25) delivers delightful drinks with a distinctly bohemian atmosphere.

Where to stay
Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is a large, family-friendly luxury hotel and spa a few miles from Dubrovnik, on the sun-drenched coast - it features an amazing view!  The hotel offers a comprehensive range of relaxing treatments for guests including spa baths, sauna and massages. Sun Gardens also features ten restaurants, with something to appeal for for every appetite.  

How to get there
FlyBe flies direct to Durbrovnik from London daily.


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100% guest satisfaction guaranteed! Sun Gardens Dubrovnik might be a little larger than our usual boutique hotel, but it is the best luxury hotel in Croatia and is located right by the seaside less than 10 miles from Dubrovnik.


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