Zanzibar is an archipelago, a collection of islands off the Tanzanian coast of East Africa that has served as a centre of trade and commerce for over a thousand years. Famed for its spice markets and historic ruins, Zanzibar also boasts spectacular natural beauty across its islands. - both above and below the surface. Now becoming a major tourist destination, Zanzibar has the golden sands and vibrant cultural mix to make it the ideal place for a relaxing break. 
When to go 
Zanzibar is best enjoyed between June and October, between the two rainy seasons. 
Where to go
Zanzibar is one of the world’s premier dive destinations, with spectacular dives for those of all abilities. On the surface, walk through the ancient streets of Stone Town, taking in the sights and mouth-watering smells. See the remnants of the Old Slave Market, now a memorial. Relive the decadent area of the Sultanate at the Palace Museum. Spend an afternoon at Darajani Market, watching spice being traded as it has been for centuries. As the sun sets, relax on the beach with a drink. 
Food & Drink
A riotous collision of indigenous, Portuguese, Indian and Arabic cuisine, food in Zanzibar has something for every taste. Staples include corn, pineapple and rice, featuring in many stews and fried cakes. Spice is a constant, harking back to the archipelago’s trading past and if you love seafood, you’ll be in heaven. The best food is found in Stone Town. Lukmaan (The Mkunazini Baobab tree, New Mkunazini Rd) serves hearty local dishes in a laidback environment. Otherwise, ditch the tourist strips and head down to Forodhani Park (Waterfront) for excellent street food. 
Zanzibar’s nightlife is lively and eclectic, befitting a tourist destination that is also the base for a major local university. Away from the resort bars and lounges, Garage Club (Zanzibar Town) plays afro-funk and reggae into the small hours, whereas the Starehe Club, just across the road is the perfect place for a cool drink or cocktail in more refined surrounds. 

Where to stay
Diamonds Star of the East is a collection of 11 luxury villas with all inclusive dining and activities, making it the perfect destination for those who want to get away from it all. Zanzi Resort also boasts 7 luxury villas, each with a personal concierge to ensure the perfect stay. Finally, Essque Zalu is a Zanzibar institution, with luxury fittings and outstanding service. 


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Zanzi Resort



Zanzi Resort is an exclusive Chic Retreat surrounded by 15 acres of tropical landscape and its 7 luxurious and private air-conditioned villas each have their own sitting room and private garden, outdoor sitting area and pool with a path that leads to a private sandy beach

Diamonds Star of The East
Romance Offer


nungwi, tanzania

Zanzibar’s Nungwi BeachDiamonds Star of the East is a collection of 11 private luxury villas offering incredible views out over the glittering Indian Ocean and the famous Zanzibar sunsets.
Boutique Hotel Matlai



Zanzibar is known as one of the most romantic and magical islands in the Indian Ocean. Here in Michamwi, on the south east coast, hidden amidst tropical gardens is Boutique Hotel Matlai, a diver's dream and the perfect honeymooners hideaway.

Kasha Boutique Hotel


matemwe, tanzania

With just 11 stunning villas each with their own plunge pool, Kasha Boutique Hotel, in Matemwe, Zanzibar, provides guests with a very private boutique hotel experience right on the beach.

Upendo Villas


kijagwani, tanzania

The owners of Upendo Villa Retreat in south east Zanzibar are passionate about their luxury villa and have done everything possible to ensure that you will be too. The 3-bedroomed Chic Retreat is one a white sandy beach and is fully serviced allowing you to sit back and relax.

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